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[VIDEO] How to create a Paper Bunny DIY craft for kids

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[VIDEO] How to create a Paper Bunny DIY craft for kids

The cutest paper bunny DIY craft you can make at home in 10 minutes. Perfect Easter crafts for kids.

Our Easter weekend is a bit different this year to what we originally planned. We were meant to have some of our best friends with their little girls staying with us; I had planned lots of crafts, baking and Easter egg hunts in the garden. This paper bunny was one of the activities I had organised and thought you might like to do it with your own children while in lockdown. 

It is a simple activity you can do in 10 minutes with the result being a cute paper bunny that can sit perfectly on your table for your Easter lunch, or in your children’s room on a little shelf.

What you need for this craft:

  • Free Printable Template - link here
  • Scissors
  • Glue or Double sided tape
  • Eggs (You can either use real eggs and blow out the insides, or buy some wooden or plastic eggs.)

  • Plastic paint palette x 2 (the ones with circle dips are great to hold the eggs)
  • Paint (I used acrylic)
  • Small fine paintbrush
  • Dish or glass for water to wash brush
  • Kitchen Towel
  • Alternatively, you can use Sharpies and felt tips to draw the bunny face

Free Paper Bunny DIY Craft for Kids Downloadable Template

Firstly, download our free printable and print it onto A4 paper, the paper doesn’t need to be thick, it can be standard office paper. Once you have your printed template, cut all the seven pieces and put to one side.

Rebecca cutting out Paper Bunny items from template for the craft for kids

First take the cut out dress and apply glue or double sided tape onto the cream area marked with ‘glue.’ Then carefully glue to the other side of the dress to make a conical shape.

Glueing Paper Bunny craft for kids dress together

Once you have your body of the bunny you can then apply glue onto the arms. For the arms, you apply a small bit of glue or tape at the top of each arm on the reverse of the printed design (the side which has no colour on). Then carefully place the arms onto the body. I have designed the check dress to also act as a guide, you will see on each side of your dress the arm fits neatly into the yellow gap. Once the two arms are stuck to the dress, slightly bend them upwards to give them a little movement.

Next you take the legs and apply glue or tape to the cream area clearly marked ‘glue’. These will be affixed to the inside of the dress at the front. Once stuck you can bend the legs up so they sit flat on the table.

Affixing Paper Bunny leg onto the Paper Bunny body

The final part is to create the face for your bunny. Taking your egg, get your chosen paints and put a little in the paint palette. I firstly painted the egg cream as my plastic eggs were a bright white and I wanted it to match the body colour of the bunny on the arms and legs. One painted and dry (you can use a hairdryer to speed up the process), you can then paint the bunny face. Remember the egg sits with the pointy end down into the dress so the face needs to be drawn the right way up on the egg.


Before drawing the face onto the egg, pop the egg into the top of the dress. From this you can then see where best to start drawing your face. It is roughly half way up your egg.

You can paint rosy cheeks, a little bunny nose, whiskers, mouth and cute eyes. If you don’t have paints you can always drawer the bunny features with colourful Sharpies or felt tip pens.

Painting face onto egg for Paper Bunny DIY craft for kids

Your bunny is now taking shape and once the paint is dry, there is only one thing left to do - add the little bunny ears! Take the cut-out ears and then add a small bit of glue again to the area that says ‘glue’. Fold back the glue tab along the dotted line and stick on top of the painted egg. Once done, pop your little bunny head into the dress et voilà, you have the cutest paper bunny Easter ornament.

Finished Paper Bunny craft for kid

Finished Paper Bunny craft for kids under colourful tulips

Finished Paper Bunny craft for kids on shelf styled with colourful tulips and painted Easter eggs

Don’t forget, you’ll need to get our FREE printable in our shop here. We’d love to see your bunnies! Tag your photos including our @loveraspberryblossom handle on Facebook or Instagram.

I hope they brighten up your day :-)

Rebecca x

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