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[VIDEO] How to Paint Easter Eggs for Kids

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[VIDEO] How to Paint Easter Eggs for Kids

Colourful Easter Egg crafts you can make at home

This year the usual egg-citement around Easter will be a little different for many of us, if not all of us. To keep us all safe, we will not be having the usual big celebrations and get-togethers with family and friends and getting outdoors to see the first signs of Spring. However, we still don’t want to completely forget this occasion and want to try and make it as special at home as possible.

We've come up with a little 'How To' guide on creating some gorgeous, colourful easy DIY Easter decorations for kids; painted Easter eggs.

What you need for these Easter crafts:

Easter Egg craft equipment including paint, paintbrushes and paint mixing palette

    It is always good to have an idea of what designs you want to paint on your eggs. I would take a piece of paper and pencil and sketch out your ideas and also think of the colours you want to use. I based mine on my recent Spring Prints (below) and mixed a colour palette of acrylic paint to match the spring colours from the children’s prints.

      Raspberry Blossom spring themed wall art

      First of all work out what background colours you want to paint your eggs. Remember if you are painting a dark base colour, then any lighter-coloured additional layers you're planning to put on top may need a few coats.

      Hold the egg with your thumb and forefinger and gently coat the egg in your chosen colour, if you paint all in the same direction you get a more even finish.

      If you have a few eggs that you'd like to have the same background colour, paint these eggs first so you are not always washing your paint brush.

      Green painted Easter egg craft for kids

      Pop your painted egg into the empty egg box or clean paint palette. You will have two areas where your thumb and finger were holding the egg that have not been painted. While the egg is in the holder, gently paint those areas in turn - so when one area is dry, flip the egg and do the other unpainted area.

      Make sure the eggs are completely dry before painting the design over the top.

      Use a hairdryer to speed up the drying process.

      Various colour painted Easter egg crafts for kids

      Once your eggs are dry it’s now time to start with the fun designs. Eggs are quite tricky to paint on, so don’t worry if your first attempt isn't how you envisaged from the outset! Mine are a little rough around the edges and as I am a perfectionist I was truly getting frustrated at first. However this is meant to be fun, hey so enjoy yourself and be free with your designs.

      Simple contrasting brush marks in a great colour palette will make for a really striking egg. Or colour blocking looks so fun, pick two great colour combinations and paint half the egg in each colour. 

      Painted daisy on Easter egg craft for kids

      I painted the same colours all in one go, so firstly I took the pink (fave colour obviously!) and painted the pink bits across all of my egg designs. For example, the base of the strawberry and the colour block egg and also the stripes on the gingham design.

      I took this principle for all the colours in my palette. It means you don’t have to keep on washing your brush and the paint has a bit of time to dry before you paint the next colour onto the design. However, you can just take one egg at a time and and complete it if you prefer.

      Pink painted strawberry on Easter egg crafts for kids

      I think my fave designs are the daisy, strawberry and cute bunny!

      Finished painted daisy on Easter egg crafts for kids with blue background

      Two bunny painted on Easter Egg crafts for kids

      12 individually painted colourful Easter Egg crafts for kids

      I hope you like the designs and feel inspired to try and create some beautiful Easter Egg crafts too. We'd love to see what you and your little ones come up with, so please tag us in any posts across social media and we'll make sure we'll share too! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

       Rebecca x

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