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2021 Trend forecast: Cottage Cool

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2021 Trend forecast: Cottage Cool

'Cottage Cool' - the warm and charming trend we forecast to be very popular this year. 

The second blog post for this series on trends for 2021 is 'Cottage Cool'. It is all about mindfulness, being more aware of what we consume and wanting to connect with intention and nature.

Again this trend is influenced by the global pandemic. It has inspired us to enjoy the comfort of home and appreciate a more simplistic lifestyle; rediscovering nature, home baking and embracing home comforts. It has a vintage, slightly chintzy charm to it, think of William Morris wallpaper and ditsy floral print dresses. It is a modern twist on the classic country style living, with a mix of stripes, checks, large scale florals and frills. People are longing for nostalgia and wanting items to spark joy and escapism within their home and this trend delivers on all fronts.

Trend Forecast: Cottage Cool Mood Board | Raspberry Blossom

Links for the image, from left to right
Sideboard and Vase 
Tablecloth and cushions
Fruit bowl
Hair ties

The colour palette for this is the most muted out of the three trends I have pulled together. It has a lot of neutrals but also has an injection of warmer tones with burnt oranges, dusky pinks and blues.

Cottage Cool Inspiration Dress and Furnishings| Raspberry Blossom

This trend really showcases natural materials, whether it being rattan furniture or vegetable died fabrics. Lots of ceramics are unglazed and use scallop edges or smooth lines and organic shapes to create texture and form. Giving 'Cottage Cool' a more modern feel is how the materials are used and the shapes they create; wavy lines, raw edges, slightly imperfect silhouettes and fluid structures.

Trend Forecast: Cottage Cool Ceramics and Linen | Raspberry Blossom

Trend Forecast: Cottage Cool | Raspberry Blossom

Trend Forecast: Cottage Cool | Raspberry Blossom

Think dried flowers adorning your shelves or pressed flowers creating interesting textures and patterns. We are more aware of the impact our day-to-day consumption has, so people will be looking to support smaller more mindful businesses; buying from the artisan soap maker or the local shop that sells beautifully embroidered cushions made in the village. Not only to support local but also reduce their environmental footprint too.

Our Whimsical collection really taps into this trend, with my illustrations having a softer edge and the colour palette being more muted using burnt oranges and duck egg blues. To shop the collection on our consumer site, search 'Whimsical' to bring up all of the available designs. For our wholesale BFFs, you can shop the collection here.

Trend Forecast: Cottage Cool Whimsical Collection | Raspberry Blossom

I hope you enjoyed this trend focus blog. We will be adding our third trend for 2021 onto our blog shortly.

Keep well and stay safe :-)

Rebecca x

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