Did you know that this is our first ever blog post?

Yes? Thought so. The title probably gives a hint of a clue. So does this attempt of creating an “impactful and witty opener” that all blog writer guides advise you to do. How am I doing? 5/10? I’ll take that.

I’m Mark, one half of Raspberry Blossom and thanks for stopping by.

In today’s post we’re going to give you an insight to what goes on at the RB studio as well as finding out a bit more about me, aka Mark “Gramps” Green, and the other lovely person who run this jolly small business – Rebecca “Dancing Queen” Crouch.

Right, tea at the ready? Biccie box close by? Then I’ll begin…

Rebecca has many talents (excluding her tight design skills) for example she cooks a worldie of a risotto, can hunt a great shopping bargain and she can win any dance-off challenge she is posed.

In her somewhat rare spare time she loves reading a Vogue, brunching and a pamper. She is not a fan of spiders, courgetti or heights.

I, on the other hand, am unbelievably clumsy. Like next level. DIY is NOT my forte. I love a few jars/glasses of wine in good company. Can often be found watching all manner of sports (and now a convert to Aussie Rules Football – Go Crows!) and exploring the wonderful city that is London.

The Intro 02

If you get the chance, cycle around embankment at nighttime, the city looks magical. I hate touching the bottom of ceramic pots, it gives me the heebie-jeebies.

Anyways, that’s a bit about us two fruit loops that run RB. Now, as we’re launching our new website, we’d thought we’d share what it is like in the RB studio on a day-to-day basis. This is all legit. No fake news here amigos. So here is a typical day:

Alarm gently wakes us up at 6:00am. After the usual battle with the awakening delusion we mosey up to the lounge and do an early morning yoga session (fave is Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube). We then have brekkie (overnight oats if we’ve been organized) and have a management meeting to plan the day ahead with a warm fresh cup o’Joe.

While most of the nation are still wrapped-up in their duvets, Rebecca is ensuring that Raspberry Blossom’s social feeds and planned posts for the day are lined up and good to go. I start planning the sales calls as well as clearing up any admin emails. The sun starts to burst through the office window and I, resident DJ Gramps, gets the mood set with a banging playlist. I then check in with the family troops who help distribute our products to receive a morning report. Lovely.

Rebecca then gets designing. Ink pots, watercolours, acrylics and various sketch pads leap out from their place of rest

The Intro 03

and get utilised to create new designs and products. When the designs have got to a good place, Rebecca and I will sit and discuss each one in turn to see if it scores high on their joy-o-meter. It’s a highly scientific measuring tool – if the proposed design evokes joyfulness then it’s a sure-fire winner. If the creation scores well, then that idea gets artworked and sent for a sample to be printed. Take a look at the latest products that successfully passed the test in our shop here.

We squeeze in lunch at some point, probably after the daily walk to the Post Office dispatching some orders and continue the busy office antics until we both become delusional and our eyes turn square. Then it is time to take a break for the day. Depending on the day of the week (any which end with a ‘y’) the office drinks trolley comes around

The Intro 05

and we relax, potentially brainstorm new ideas and reflect and plan the day/weeks/month ahead.

And repeat…

I hope you enjoyed a little insight into us and Raspberry Blossom. In our next blog post Rebecca will be taking you through new designs for 2018 and what trends to look out for.

Adios amigos. Big Love,

Mark & Rebecca xxx